My Story

I am a 45 year old single Mom with two great kids. They are IVF twin – weighted 3.4 kg and 2.9 kg. I had a giant pregnancy and I gained 38 kg. I managed to lost it all within 8 months (thanks to breastfeeding and twins nightmare), back to about 60 kg but it made my skin loose and wrinkles. I never worried about weight much not until past few years. I guess, I gain weight as I grow older – it is 1 to 2 kg every year and it finally hit 69 kg! Though I still look “ok” with clothes on (I know how to hide my fats well) but one thing that I really hate is my tummy, thigh and butt! I have double buble belly and excess/loose skin with stretch marks. When I looked in to the mirror – I thought to myself – this is so so so ugly, I should not let it becoming worse, I must do something! So I decided it was time to do something for myself and get in better shape.

I had not thought of lipo at that time, not until I met my friend in Bangkok – she is a very beautiful Katoey (lady boy). She just had breast implant and abdoment liposuction and asked me to accompany her to the clinic for consultation. I met her doctor and asked some questions about lipo. Her doctor explained to me about Vaser and traditional lipo. He asked why I had to go to Bangkok for lipo when there is one very famous and good plastic surgeon in Medan. This is how I get to know dr. Arthur Tjandra. When I went back to Singapore, I started my research on him and I was very impressed with his qualifications, case studies and reviews. I decided to move forward and booked an appointment with him.

I am not a blogger and if I am now writing my first blog mainly because I want to share my lipo experience and results with people I do not know. I keep lipo as a secret only my daughter knows about it. The reason is because I know my family and friends will question my reasons for doing this. I know I am doing it for myself and not for anyone else but they wouldn’t understand. They  would say I look fine, I do not need to go that far with lipo, it is too risky, it is a waste of money bla bla bla. Anyway – I had my tummy lipo done with dr. Arthur and it went very well. I am going for my thigh lipo next month – this time, I am not sure if I can hide it from my family though… I hope I can – as long as I can walk well and heal fast!

Thank you for reading. I hope you will find this blog informative and useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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