Medical tourism in Medan…

Why not exploring Medan before your lipo surgery?

Medan is the capital of North Sumatera Province – known as food heaven. The population consists of diverse ethnic groups – Batak, Chinese, Javanese, Aceh (Padang) and Indian –  they all live in harmony and create a unique culture blend. You will find the Batak people speak Hokkian fluently and chinese speak Bahasa in Batak accent (try speak hokkian with dr. Arthur..:-) ).  Medan is generally safe but just like anywhere else in the world (and we know there’s no 100% safe place on earth) – you always have to be cautious when travelling. As the Singapore slogan says “low crime doesn’t mean no crime” …and crime in Medan is obviously higher than Singapore.

If I have not mentioned it to you… I am originally from Medan so yes… being a proud “Medan lang” (Medanese) I am promoting my home town now.  I was born and raised in Medan and I moved overseas after I graduated from highschool. I still go back to Medan at least once a year. In this blog, I am going to share with you all the best things I know about Medan.

1. Lake Toba – It is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world, Parapat is the town by Lake Toba. It takes about 3 to 4 hours by car from Medan. You can do a day trip to Lake Toba or stay 2D 1N if you want to explore more. You can rent a car with a driver to get there ( I am not sure about this – but you can check with Jenny – she may be able to help you). Food you must have : “ayam goreng” (Fried Chicken). The sambal is super yummy!

lake toba

2. Berastagi – the closest town to medan, takes about 2 hours drive to get there. It is a small town and you can do a day trip. You must try the local fruits like Markisa (passion fruit), Persimon, Salak, Durian etc.


3. Saksang @ OnDo restaurant – pork cooked in pork blood, roast pork, gulai daun ubi (papaya and cassava leaves in coconut gravy and chilly padi). The restaurant is at Jalan Pabrik Tenun no. 45 – not too far from dr. Arthur’s clinic.


4. Bihun Bebek (Duck Vermicelli) at Jalan Kumango. This is my favorite breakfast, my mum said it is expensive – about Rp. 50,000 for a bowl of Bihun Bebek, but it is delicious so I don’t mind.

bihun bebek kumango

5. Nasi Padang – there are few nice Padang restaurants – Garuda, Siang Malam, Sederhana, Tip Top….., but my favorite is Garuda – try the ayam pop, gulai ayam and gulai daun ubi.

garudan padang jpg

6. Hokkian Mie at Jalan Bangka


7. Tip Top – a very old restaurant in Medan, famous with its freshly baked wood based oven cakes and pastries. I like the chocolate cakes and saucisjbrood.


8. Tiong Sim noodles at Semarang or Selat Panjang


9. Fine dining Chinese / seafood – Try Benteng and/or Jumbo restaurant. A place where you can have shark fins soup (I am against shark finning so I do not eat this anymore), cold dishes, hot plate deer meat, Pek Cam Ke (Hainanese Chicken), steamed shrimps …

10.  Sate Padang – the Satay from Padang West Sumatera – made from Beef or Chicken or Lamb – cut into small dices with spicy sauce on top of it. There are many sate padang stalls in Medan, but the best ones (in my opinion) are at Jalan Tilak, Jalan Brig Jend Katamso and the Berastagi supermarket at Jalan Gatot Subroto (near to dr. Arthur’s clinic) – if you choose this one, don’t forget to try the Indian egg Martabak

sate padang

To bring back home for family and friends, don’t forget to buy Bika Ambon and Swiss Roll (famous one is at Jalan Meranti. :-).

There are still a lot of Medanese food in my list but I think I should stop now. Aren’t we supposed to watch our weight before the surgery?

I hope this information helps to minimise your anxiety and stress before (or after) the surgery….


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