We asked and he answered…

Dr. Arthur is not just a professional and knowledgeable doctor but also friendly and very honest – he doesn’t promise false results and he listens to his patients – these are the things I commend him for. Also where can you find a doctor in Singapore who would spend time with patients on emails entertaining your questions without pay? I am talking about general questions/inquiry here not “consultation” (forgive me if I am not using the right semantic here but you know what I mean).

I am a curious person and during the X’mas break, I had extra time off from work and did more research about lipo. To share with you, I include some of the most commonly asked questions from the web here and Dr. Arthur’s answers to these questions.

1. How much weight is loss with liposuction? Is it correct to assume one liter of fat cells equals to 1 kg of fat removed per liter. Therefore if a patient had 1 litre of fat removed from the body then she should have lost around 1 kg of body fat?

No. Most patients don’t see any reduction in body weight. Liposuction is not for weight loss, but to sculpt the body.

2. If I gain weight after lipo, will it go to other areas of my body?

It will be distributed evenly to the whole body. Fat cells don’t multiply. They grow bigger. So, if lipoed areas now have less fat cells, they will be significantly smaller compared to non-lipoed areas. Hence, the wrong perception that fat goes to non-lipoed areas only.

3. Does lipo treat cellulite? can it also tighten up loose skin? 

No, cellulite appearance may worsen after lipo. Skin may also appear very loose, especially in overweight and obese people. That’s why we rarely accept overweight and obese people as the result is not going to be good.

4. What kind of recovery can we expect from arms, tummy and thighs lipo? 

Recovery takes between 4 to 12 months. Average is 6 months. Arms are the fastest, taking around 3-4 months, tummy around 5-6 months and thighs 6-12 months.

5. How long before we see the results? It says 3 to 6 months but I wonder why more than 3 months if swelling normally fades after 1 – 3 months?

Swelling takes 6-12 months to subside completely.

[Jsia] – I thought no more pain= no more swelling…so that’s it – after 2 months the results is there and I can stop wearing the corset (I hate corsets)…lol!

6. How long will the results last?

If you watch your diet and exercise, it should be permanent.

7. Is there age limit for liposuction?

We don’t do on people above 50 years old.

[Jsia] – I read some reviews on him – somebody said Dr. Arthur only choose young and slim patients so the results can be convincing and make him look good. This is not right, because obviously I am not young and slim and my body is ugly with loose, sagging skin. If you see his case studies – there are some obese patients too.

8. What if the results are not what we expected?  

There’s no guarantee of what the result is going to be. You come to us because you trust us. We do our best but we don’t guarantee result. Do you go to a GP for flu and after taking medications for 1 week your flu is not getting better, then you go and ask for your money back?

[Jsia] I did a lot of research before I decided to do lipo, it helps to manage my expectation. Communication is important and Dr. Arthur is not like some other arrogant surgeons who either don’t like questions or charged fees based on short or long consultation. So please do not hesitate to discuss and let him know your expectations – whether they are achievable. Be prepared though, because he is a very straight forward, blunt person. He wouldn’t promise you the moon and stars…. 


2 thoughts on “We asked and he answered…

  1. Hi Mooz, sorry for the delay in coming back to you. I have not checked my personal mail box for quite sometime.
    I had done 2 lipo with Dr. Tjandra this year – tummy and arms – and do not have a plan to do the third one this year. may be next year.


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